Facts/Quick Bio:

+ My Mom and Dad named me after the singer-songwriter EmmyLou Harris. My brother & sister were named after James Taylor songs. True. 
+ My whole family calls me Emmy - I tried to get them to stop, but it just stuck. (that's why you'll see Emmy instead of Emma on instagram or YouTube sometimes) 
+ My 2nd grade talent show song selection was Mariah Carey's "Always Be My Baby," where my friend Rachel hit play on the 'boom box' and I sang along with the recording. My 3rd grade song selection was "MMbop" by Hanson. I held the lyric (booklet) and sang along and still couldn't get the words right. (my shows have improved.. i hope)
+ My family is known for "Hootenannies" - we all sit around together and play guitars and sing our favorite songs. sometimes someone brings a banjo or a pedal steel or breaks out Lady Gaga songs (me). 
+ When I heard Justin Timberlake's solo album in 2002 I fell in love with Pop music and the dream of being a performer.
+ When I heard Usher's "Yeah" in 2004 I knew I had to not only dance, but be a recording artist. 
+ I'll never forget: singing along to Dixie Chick's "Wide Open Spaces" record in 3rd grade, dance contests with my siblings in the living room dancing along to Billy Joel, watching Whitney Houston sing "The Greatest Love of All" on TV, learning songs from the "Sound of Music" with my Oma (grandmother in German) and trying to help my mom write songs as a kid, playing Tball + Basketball. My grandmother was a true performer - an actress, singer, piano player, my Grandad as well, my Mom and my uncles too are musicians. Feels like they're all with me when I'm playing shows and following this dream, and a big part of why I do what I do.
+ I'm from Baltimore, Maryland and went to Berklee College of Music in Boston.

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