We're Moving To LaLa land!

(pic from Santa Monica - The Stairs (workout) at Adelaide & 4th st.)


My sister and I are in LA right now. Well, technically, Venice Beach, CA at the moment. At the TOMS flagship store (it’s awesome BTW.. you have to visit this place.. there’s like a secret coffeeshop, dream of a laptop, freelance worker like me and my sis.. it’s magical. come.)

Since graduating 3 years ago (HOW? has it gone by so fast), I’ve been on the road.. moving between Boston, Baltimore, New York City, Nashville, and now, LA. I’ve slept on a zillion couches, but never in my car which I have come close to and for that, I thank all of my wonderful friends and family and new friends who have housed me at different points over the last 3 years. I’ve met wonderful people in all these cities, but to do the work I truly want to do and to push myself the most, I’ve decided to make LA my new home. I did A LOT of thinking, double checking, second guessing  (which Sarah loved.. just kidding), but it feels right and kind of exciting.

TOMS Flagship; Venice, CA 

I will continue to work mostly between Nashville and LA, as my love for Nashville and the writers there and people there will never fade. I also know I still have work to do there :)

I’m also getting ready to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for my next Album. more deets to come later on that.

I think there’s a lot of good to come and I appreciate you tuning in, checking out new music and following the updates. Thanks for you constant support + frienship. Hope to see you on the road soon with a NEW RECORD that you can play + love.

- Emma

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