oldie but goodie!

Host of E! News TWEETs about song "GO" & How it ended up in her TV SHOW!

I went to one of Giuliana's appearances in New York City, right after I graduated college. I had NO IDEA she was going to be there. I actually went to the event (at Bloomingdales) to meet a manager (music manager who was working with Esmee Denters). One of his artists was performing on the top floor of the department store & I got there too early so I went browsing & saw Giuliana who was giving a talk.

I went to the University of Maryland for one year (my brother & sis both graduated from there) and I knew Giuliana was an alum! So I had to say hi, and because I love her. She was so kind & asked me what I did. So I told her & she asked if I had a CD! So I gave it to her- her reality show was just about to come out "Giuliana & Bill" and they placed 3 songs in the show. I literally was not expecting any of that. Literally one of the nicest people I've met and I always wanted to tell her thank you so so much. THANK YOU GIULIANA!