New York Fashion Week & CMA Songwriter's Series

It was my two favorite things that came together in New York City last night! New York Fashion week AND the CMA Songwriter's Series... It was as if the stars had aligned! 

My sister sent me a text monday night and she was like, do you want to go to work at this event for Fashion week --- me: yes, obvi.  ;) They ended up not needing me but I got to go to the party anyhow! It was really great & all her friends there were SO nice, and oddly enough we talked about Spotify quite a bit lol. 


2nd part of story... my mom has been emailing/calling me for a few weeks saying.. there's a country night at Joe's Pub- all these Nashville songwriters will be there, you should go. So I've just been so busy and never got around to getting tickets. So I kind of forgot when it was happening... then I texted my friend Jeff (close friend, a songwriter in Nashville too) and I said, will you be in Nash the last week of Feb.. he's like no but I'm in NY right now and I'm going to Joe's Pub for the CMA series, do you want to come? Literally two hours before .. so cray! and so fun! So I ended up going to both - timing worked out and everything #ilikemagic #thankyouuniverse