Back to Nashville

In just a week I'm leaving New York to go back to Nashville.... It's funny all the while I was in NY I was waiting tables, meeting new friends in the industry and just seeing what else was out there. I was trying to cast the widest net I could - living btwn NY/LA and Nashville.

But while spending my waitressing money on trips to Nashville - and wanting to do it again and again to record there I just decided, why am I not just there all the time? So, after my best friends wedding (maid of honor duties to tend to) I'm going back to Nash. I love my friends there and my producer and I love the people who come in and out of the city. I love that you can get to be a spectator and then active participant there - or at least hope & pray to be. Performing in NY and LA has been great but the songs are where it starts for me. I want to make a great record and perform that. 

I first came back to NYC because I felt we had unfinished business. It was sort of a 'I need to prove I can do this' sort of thing - I needed to prove I could be on my own and live and not depend on anyone else for awhile. 

But just making money is not what I really need and neither is "being on my own." What I learned is I really need other people.. to have a full life, especially to do music. ESPECIALLY if I want even a shot and it's still all I want to do... I hope on this journey I'll build a real team and we can do something truly unique and give something really special to the music world. 

I made so many nice new friends at Southern Hospitality (yes, of JT relation :-) - restaurant in Hell's Kitchen). A lot of my friends there are also artitsts- actors, singers, writers and comics. Everyone at Southern Hospitality in Hell's Kitchen I love you forever- what a group! :) 

So we did it - conquered a fear of living in New York City and now it's time to get back to Nashville. I feel terrible to be leaving the new friends I've made, but I know I'll be back. :)


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