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back story: 

The day before I left New York City, we recorded this video and used a beautiful, historic music school in Greenwich Village as our back drop - The Greenwich House of Music (http://www.greenwichhouse.org).

When I first got to the city I needed a place to practice. After a show at The Bitter End one night, my friend mentioned a space in Greenwich Village called The Greenwich House of Music where her boyfriend gave drum lessons - she said there were several rooms, full of pianos. 

Places like this are treasures to me.. so much history-  a sacred place for art and practice.. and because growing up I spent so much time in rooms like this, desperately looking for a piano or a place to be alone to write. And there it was, tucked away in the heart of the west village - full of pianos and empty rooms.

The rugs, the old piano with the broken keys, every little detail makes this space so beautiful and warm and historic. 

"All Your Perfect Imperfections"

After shooting, I went to edit it with Monica (of the Boom House). I sort of became tense & wanted to change all these little details.. like 'ahh that's not flattering,' but then the more I watched it, the more I loved how imperfect it was..every little nuance became important. When you're making videos you can hire a special effects person to touch up blemishes and fix the lighting and all that, but then I just realized.. that's not what the song's about.. it's about embracing the whole picture... it's about loving someone for all of them. "all your perfect imperfections." so after sending over all these editing ideas, I realized I didn't want to change a thing. Thank you Monica for that and thanks to John Legend for writing this song. We hope you like it. 

Thank you for watching. :)


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