August Playlist

My friend from college got me into Emeli Sande recently (he's prob thinking I'm a bit strange bc lately i've been listening to her a lot, tweeting about it and now made this playlist...) but anywho I really like her. There's something very timeless & classic about her - she has an old soul. I keep waiting to hear what she's gonna say next .. like she could teach you something. Beyonce, Patty Griffin & Sam Smith too - 

1. River - "...if you're too big to follow rivers, how you ever gonna find the sea."

2. Suitcase 

3. My Kind of Love 

4. Lay Me Down - Sam Smith - sonically I love this - the tinny high hat, the keys, everything shapes the main instrument - his voice - and compliments it, doesn't overshadow. 

5. Up To The Mountain - Patty Griffin

6. Breaking the Law - "ignore the alarms, ignore the police, I'll never stop breaking the law for you."

7. 1+1  - Beyonce 

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