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This is one of my favorite songs on the EP. It's a combination of all the genres I love and hope to incorporate in my music - pop, country, r&b (and even a little rock).

I wrote this in Nashville with my friend Jesse Lee and the day we finished the work tape I knew I loved it, but didn't have any idea what the production would end up being. A lot of my songs leading up to this new record have been pretty acoustic and I've really wanted to transition to bigger production- mixing electronic sounds with more organic instrumentation.

Some of the first songs I ever wrote were to beats my producer gave me or ones we'd make together. He rapped and I sang the hooks and just wrote to piano loops we'd come up with. Once I learned how to play guitar, I was able to start telling stories on my own... "My Ex" is both - which I couldn't happier about. The country elements of this production are just as much apart of me as the pop/r&b ones.

It's a song about meeting someone and maybe because of past experience, you instinctively feel a gut reaction about them... it's like déjà vu. Words can have a hypnotizing affect, but this song is about being a little wiser. Thanks for listening. 

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