Life is a puzzle

Sometimes I feel like life is like a puzzle.


Or when you're putting something together and you're supposed to read & follow the directions & if you're impatient or something is tough if the first few steps or maybe midway through you get frustrated & either give up, OR try to jump to the next step hoping it'll just fall together. 

Staying stuck on one thing is a sure way to get in the way of a whole production- an end goal - I have learned. (Very well). 

So if something isn't working, you go to something else & come at it in a new way or realize it didn't matter if it worked, but sometimes it does. The beauty of facing these things with truth & will is that you will find out if it was meant to work or not. 


There I go getting sidetracked again.


Anyway, sometimes I feel like life is like a test of patience & acceptance. I'm always reaching, kicking, screaming, bitching to get somewhere. thinking what i need is out there, over there, when really I learn again & keep coming back to that it's right here. Right in me. Everything I need.  

So if I can take one step at a time and not let my mind go too fast so my feet can't catch up, I think everything I need & hope for will work out. 


I have trouble with jumping too soon. My mind is active and i make mistakes because I tend to be "all over the place." 


But, if I just take the next step with ease, the logical step, think logically rather than thinking in some grand way, then real stuff can happen. Good stuff. Who knows.  


What is also a lesson I've learned to throw you off course is to be looking at what someone else is doing, maybe you perceived "competition." 

Truly, I realize I am my only competition. All I can do is try to make myself better and have that affect the world in a good way & I cannot control others actions. I can only lead by example or hope to influence others. Individuals can't just be told (or at least I can't) what to do by someone else and do it. They have to learn through experience to really Know.  


If you end up looking at what someone else is doing constantly you will most definitely veer off your own course. It's like driving a car. My driving instructor always said, don't make the mistake so many new drivers make. He said when you're driving down the road and see a cute guy or girl, don't stare and drive right into them or get in an accident, etc... It's true. We need to Pay attention.  



I'm always trying to find out and define what really matters in life.  

Like do we just go do what's fun? no, because then we're ignoring & neglecting our loved ones. But we can't just love all the time because then we'd have no work, no day to day. But maybe I could try to have some time in the morning or at night where I sit and meditate and work things out and really get grounded

Maybe that would help me get out of the swirling storm in my head. yes, that is what i'll do

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